Top 10 House Party Drinking Games for Adults.

After searching the globe for the most entertaining drinking games available, we have found our Top 10 House Party Drinking Games for Adults.

So, if you need inspiration or are searching for ideas to keep your party all guests happy, do not worry, we have everything you need right here.

We all know that every great party needs lively entertainment for everyone to engage with and enjoy. Without a doubt, using your imagination, you turn just about anything into a drinking game if you’re creative enough.

Help break the ice at any event and have your guests playing exciting and addictive drinking games all night. 

Below are all the instructions and rules you need to play each game, so all you have to do is get your game face on and have more fun whilst drinking with friends. 

Enjoy our list of Top 10 House Party Drinking Games for adults to entertain your guests.

1: Never Have I Ever 

This game is perfect for having some fun with your friends and presents a chance to relive life’s funny experiences … things you may or may not want to admit.

The rules of Never Have I Ever are extremely simple:

  • Players take turns listing potential experiences they’ve never had.
  • If someone has done the action in question, they take a shot or a sip of SUNiCE. 
  • If no one has done the action in question, the person who posed the query takes a drink.

Like any game, you can tailor your questioning statements more specifically to your audience and players, but if you need a few examples to get you started, here are some common questions asked when playing:

Each person says ‘Never have I ever…’ followed by an action or statement:

  • … Never have I ever re-gifted a gift
  • … Never have I ever lied to a boss
  • … Never have I ever got stopped by airport security
  • … Never have I ever stood up a date
  • … Never have I ever lied about my age
  • … Walked in on someone having sex

Playing this game with new friends or people who know you well is always fun. It’s a fast-paced game with lots of laughs, but with no extra rules or necessary props. All you need is a willing group of people, shot glasses and a SUNiCE to make it happen.

2: Straight Face

It starts with all players writing sentences on small pieces of paper. The more ridiculous or inappropriate, the better.

  • Put the papers into a bowl and mix them up.
  • One at a time, each player will choose a slip of paper and attempt to read whatever is written on it whilst keeping a straight face and without laughing.
  • If they fail, they have to drink. It’s that easy.

Sounds easy, right? You might find it more difficult than it looks. Try it out!

3: Drunk Jenga 

Drunk Jenga is essentially normal Jenga, with an incredible alcoholic twist.

The rules are basically the same as the original Jenga, but once you draw a tile, you must complete the task on that tile. The fun actually starts before you play with all players, writing different tasks or challenges to do on each tile. Keep tasks or subjects fun and simple by using either a word or phrase that everyone will understand avoiding confusion.  

If you need a few examples, we have listed some fun ones we found to start you off.

  • Truth or Dare
  • Talk in an accent (for one round) 
  • Tell a Secret
  • Blind – take another block with your eyes closed
  • Hands Up- Show the players and don’t say a word. The last person with their hands up takes a shot.
  • Twerk or Chug – If you can’t twerk… you better chug
  • Toast – everyone drinks

The loser essentially knocks over the tower and must drink their entire drink. 

4: Shot Roulette

This game is a global favorite and is extremely cheap to buy for the amount of fun it produces. We couldn’t make a list of Top 10 House Party Drinking Games for Adults without it!

The rules are simple and based on the traditional roulette casino game model with a wheel and a ball. Instead of the pockets on the wheel, there are 16 red and black-colored glasses with numbers on them. 

  • Fill each shot glass with either SUNiCE or water… If you want to get crazy, choose an uninviting beverage to put in a few glasses to get worried about. 
  • To play, simply turn the wheel to see if your number comes up. If your shot glass corresponds to the number played, drink the shot and spin it again.

The last person who survives without drinking any SUNiCE wins!


5: Fuzzy Duck 

This game is by far one of the most outrageously funny games to play, leaving players in fits of laughter as the game goes on. It’s also fantastic because you need only players and the perfect punch such as SUNiCE to take part.

The rules are: 

  • Sit in a circle and start with the youngest player first
  • You have three seconds to respond if it’s your turn 
  • The phrase you must repeat is “Fuzzy Duck”
  • The second phrase is Ducky Fuzz

The special phrase is “Does he”

  • The word “Does he” can be said at any time and reverses the order of rotation
  • This is continuous and goes around the circle until a mistake is made
  • You cannot say “Does he” after another “does he” or you must drink
  • You can’t say Does he every time it is your turn 
  • Your group will notice and you will have to drink

Once you get the hang of this, you will trip over your words to compete against your friends. It’s definitely a brilliant choice as an icebreaker for people who are not as familiar with each other.

6: Drunk Twister

Drunk Twister is basically played according to the standard rules; however, you can make the game much more interesting by adding some of your own rules.

For example, you can create a forfeit of taking a shot or two for failing to make the position required. Every time someone fails, they must take a shot or complete a task whilst drinking.

There are many variations of this game, including Strip Twister for a more X-rated Party vibe, but as long as you have the board game. You’re good to go!

7: Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a team-based drinking game where players stand in a line and race to chug a drink, then flip their empty cup.

  • Once the first player has successfully “flipped” their solo cup, the next player will play their turn by chugging and flipping, and so on…
  • To successfully flip your cup, you must balance it with a little edge of the cup over the lip of the table. Then flip the cup and ensure it lands upside down.

The more people you have playing the game, the more intense the race is to get to the finish.  

8: Titanic 

It wouldn’t be a Top 10 House Party Drinking Games for adults list without adding this fantastic addition. This game has a simple concept but causes hilarious chaos that will entertain everyone involved. 

  • Players place a shot glass in a standard-sized glass filled with beer. 
  • The players then take turns pouring a small amount of SUNiCE into the shot glass. 
  • Pass SUNiCE around the circle, with each person pouring a little and passing it on.
  • When the shot glass is full, it will sink into the beer. 
  • The loser has to drink the beer and SUNiCE mixture in one chug. 

I’m sure you can guess why this entertaining and quirky game gets its name from.

9: Arrogance 

Another competitive and fun game to play with friends that relies on confidence and luck.

  • Sit everyone in a circle with an empty glass in the middle of the table 
  • The first person must pour an amount of SUNiCE into the glass, depending on how arrogant they are feeling.
  • Then this player flips a coin and calls “heads” or “tails” before the coin’s face is revealed.
  • If they were right, the turn passes to the next player, but if they are wrong, they have to drink whatever is in the glass in the center, and not just a sip, they have to drink all of it.

Full of fun and luck rather than skill, this game is a great competitive element to it. After all, if you win, they have to drink as much as you poured.

10: Punch Pong

Punch pong is the same concept as beer pong and is a universally loved game, bringing both skill and luck to the table.

  • It has 2 teams of 2 cups arranged on either side in a pyramid-like formation of a rectangular table. 
  • First, fill each cup with a generous shot of SUNiCE.
  • Each team gets to throw one ball per turn. The goal is to throw the ball into a cup of the opposing team. You can throw the ball directly into a cup or bounce a ball off of the table into a cup.
  • When a ball lands in the cup, the other team must remove the cup from the pyramid, drink the SUNiCE, and set the cup aside. 
  • To win a game of punch pong, one team has to eliminate all the opposing team’s cups.

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