If you’re looking for the perfect picnic companion this summer, don’t stress. We have it covered as we explain why we feel SUNiCE are the Best Alcoholic Picnic Drinks of 2022.

Imagine it’s a scorching summer day, and you are packing for a picnic. What is the most convenient booze-filled beverage to take to the party?

Well, after searching far and wide, we have discovered an extraordinary party punch that’s the perfect choice for picnics and here’s why.

Choose SUNiCE

We bring you SUNiCE, a bold and innovative idea that boasts both practicality and intelligence. Their portable pouches are brimming with rawness and excitement. Packed with real fresh fruit, each drink is a 5% spiked refreshment that packs a serious punch.

When trying to enjoy yourself, drinking doesn’t have to be a long-winded and apparatus filled affair. SUNiCE’s packaging is both unique and practical, allowing you to enjoy each drink without experimenting with mixers or carrying multiple bottles and cups.

Everything you need is already inside, ready for you to drink, with no added extras. You can also freeze them before your picnic date. This keeps them cooler for longer and allows you to switch out your cooler contents to pack the entire thing with the punch. Or if you prefer, you can open each pouch and add ice at your convenience. Therefore, covering all bases when it comes to the subject keeping cool.

Slip in a Straw… and you're ready to party

Each SUNiCE is filled with tasty tropical flavors such as Passion Tiki Eclipse, Triple Tropic Twist, Mango Lychee Punch and a mouthwatering Watermelon Margarita Smash. With enticing names like these, it’s easy to share these fantastic flavors with friends.

Whether it’s a pitcher of punch or a variety of flavors to accommodate your friends’ tastes. Each one of these punches is filled with sweet, summer cocktail vibes that won’t disappoint.

People with Pouches Party Harder

The beauty of these pouches is that they are ready-made 5% cocktails. Available in multipacks of either six or twelve. Another incredible reason we support our decision as to why SUNiCE are the best alcoholic picnic drinks of 2022.

They have specifically designed their pouches to promote a smoother, simpler drinking environment. Both for the customer and the environment. Less packaging means less waste, making it simpler and hassle-free to recycle, keeping your picnic area cleaner.

Secure and safe

Another reason for our decision is a smart secret that solves security issues. These days, most organized outdoor events prohibit glass from entering the premises or camping grounds. This is no longer an obstacle when stocking up on SUNiCE. They come in sealed, secure pouches that keep alcohol safely stored in any situation.

So SUNiCE is a sweet, safe and definitely spiked summer cocktail. Coupled with an ingenious packaging idea for people who like to party like a professional.

We also applaud SUNiCE for creating its beverages gluten-free, opening up a door of opportunity for many gluten-free drinkers.

SUNiCE are the Best Alcoholic Picnic Drinks of 2022

With so much to say about SUNiCE. Indeed, the only thing left to do is try this fantastic beverage. Take this fruity blast of booze-filled punch at your next picnic or party. With all its trendy and tasty traits, it’s easy to see why SUNiCE are the best alcoholic picnic drinks of 2022.
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