Need a hand this Halloween with some extra spooky entertainment? Let us take you through our Top Halloween House Party Drinking Games that will be sure to get all your guests spooked. Trick and treat your guests with some booze-filled adult fun.

Whether you choose a traditional Halloween theme or a unique concept. It’s important to remember that excellent entertainment will keep your party pumping all night long.

We have put together a list of exciting, enjoyable and unmissable games that will help break the ice with guests at any event.

Boozy Apple Bobbing

Boozy Apple Bobbing If you want a lively and action-packed Halloween party game to break the ice. All you require is a large bowl filled with your chosen fruity alcoholic punch.
  • Place 12 apples with numbers carved onto the side.
  • The numbers correlate to the number of shots, or fingers, that the apple bobber must drink once they’ve eaten their alcohol-soaked apple.
  • For a little extra fun, you can blindfold the player or introduce a red herring or forfeit to fear whilst playing.
  • To up the difficulty level, you can tie players’ arms behind their back.
For extra decoration, you can carve the apples into aliens or pumpkin faces.

Liq Or Treat

This game is an adult version of Trick or Treat with a savage, tipsy twist.
  • Line up six shots and grab a die.
  • Fill the shot glasses, some with punch, some without.
  • Treat shots should be something easy to down, like your chosen punch.
  • Trick shots pour in a hard liquor or a forfeit beverage.
  • As shots are used, you can mix up the numbers and use them again.
This game will get your gang frighteningly drunk whilst having lots of fun.

Mummy Monster Mash

This game is hilarious and is a firm favorite on our list of Top Halloween House Party Drinking Games. Get all your guests physically involved and get a little silly together.
  • Firstly count the number of players and group them into even teams.
  • Using rolls of toilet paper, you’ll wrap up one member like a mummy as fast as possible.
  • The fastest team wins, and the losers have to down 3 shots of powerful punch each.

Name that Bone!

Next is a game that requires a little intelligence to keep you safe from drinking. All you need is a novelty, spooky skeleton to play.
  • Starting from the skull, each player has a chance to name a bone.
  • If that player is incorrect, they must take a shot and the next player gets the opportunity to name it.
  • Anyone who guesses incorrectly must drink a shot of punch.
  • Correct guesses mean you are safe.
As you make your way down the skeleton, without a doubt players will scream with laughter at answers and forfeits that will haunt you all.

Bloodcurdling Beer Pong

As we know, Beer Pong is a classic party favourite, but this version has a frightfully fun twist to celebrate Halloween in style. Decorate your table with blood-splattered cups and add eerie eyeballs onto your balls for a petrifying party Pong experience. This game is played using the standard rules of Beer Pong just with spooky, spine-chilling extras to add to the theme.

For extra fun, you can time each person for one minute. Record the number of eyeballs they were able to land in a bowl.

Wicked Witch's Brew Hunt

The object of this game is for each team to go on a Halloween hunt for witch’s brew ingredients. First and foremost you will need simple household items like rubber bats, plastic frogs, ping-pong ball eyes, plastic fangs, etc. (Make sure to have one of each item for each team.)
  • Divide your players into teams.
  • Give each team a list of the witch’s brew ingredients to find.
  • The first team to return to the finish line with all of their ingredients wins.
  • The losers must polish off an entire cauldron of party punch.


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Take Straw, slip it in and away you go

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A Halloween party is nothing without a punch, so we found the perfect, ready-made party punch to make our Top Halloween House Party Drinking Games pop.
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