Help break the Ice at your next bash by getting your guests playing the Top 6 Best Drinking Games for House Parties.

We all know that every memorable house party needs lively, booze-filled entertainment for everyone to engage with and enjoy. With a good imagination, you turn just about anything into a drinking game if you’re creative enough.

Each game on our list is a classic and proven to provide exciting and addictive drinking antics to impress all your guests. We know you may be familiar with some of our choices, so to refresh your memory and show you a few fresh faces, be sure to read below.

Here are the instructions and rules you need to play the Top 6 Best Drinking Games for House Parties. All you have to do is get your game face on and have more fun whilst drinking with friends.

Ring of Fire

If you want to get playing cards involved, we think Ring of Fire is a true classic to get your party started.
  • To set up the perfect game, everyone sits in a circle with their drink.
  • Pick a dealer.
  • Players must refer to the dealer as the “dealer of death,” and if they call the dealer by any other name, they must drink for five seconds.
  • The game begins with the dealer of death distributing the cards clockwise and face up, starting with the player on their left.
  • If a card dealt to a player matches a card on either side of it in number or suit, the card is “active.”
  • All players with an active card must drink the number of seconds matching the value of the card.
  • The “dealer of death” is in charge of counting out the seconds as the cards go around.
  • If the “dealer of death” is drinking, they can count the seconds by tapping the table.
  • The game ends when all cards are used, or when everyone forfeits.



This game is fantastic if you have large muted visuals or your favorite show on for everyone to see. Put up multiple on a projector or just a regular TV that all players can watch in the background.
  • You draw a mustache on a piece of paper and place it on your tv.
  • Then you play your favorite movie or show!
  • Each time someone’s face gets properly aligned with a mustache, you take a drink.
  • You can choose a specific character for yourself or everyone drinks whenever it occurs.
Add other novelty items as well, such as top hats or cigars, for added hilarity!

Boozy Balloon Break

No matter what age you are, this game will have your entire party involved and have everyone laughing all night long. It’s perfect for a larger crowd, preferably 8 players and above.

  • You’ll need: A timer, and at least 10 balloons per pair
  • Pair up your players and set the clock.
  • Stand even amounts of people in a line one behind the other.
  • Starting at one end, the players must try to pop as many balloons as they can within the time limit.
  • When one balloon bursts, players can progress to the next person.
  • The twist is that balloons can only be popped by squeezing it between players’ chests (or crotch area, if you’re up to it).
The winners are the team that reaches the end of the line with all balloons successfully popped. The losers must drink their entire cup or collectively a pitcher of punch.

Junk in the Trunk Game

A firm favorite for a ton of fun, this one will have every person at the part cheering you on and laughing out loud. Test your twerking skills and shake your booty to win your team’s indemnity.


  • Tie a tissue box around the waist of each player, and turn it around, so the box is in the back.
  • Add several ping-pong balls to the tissue boxes.
  • Players must get all the ping-pong balls out of their boxes without using their hands.
  • They can shake, shimmy, jump, or wiggle. Just as long as they know, “no hands allowed!”
  • Set a timer and get the players started!
  • The losers must down an entire pitcher of punch prepared beforehand.

Straight Face

It starts with all players writing sentences on small pieces of paper. The more ridiculous or inappropriate, the better.
  •  Put the papers into a bowl and mix them up.
  • One at a time, each player will choose a slip of paper and attempt to read whatever is written on it whilst keeping a straight face and without laughing.
  •  If they fail, they have to drink. It’s that easy.
Sounds easy, right? You might find it more difficult than it looks. Try it out!

Flip Cup

It wouldn’t be a party without a game involving some sort of race involving cups. Flip Cup is a team-based drinking game where players stand in a line and race to chug a drink, then flip their empty cup.

  • Once the first player has successfully “flipped” their solo cup, the next player will play their turn by chugging and flipping, and so on…
  • To successfully flip your cup, you must balance it with a little edge of the cup over the lip of the table. Then flip the cup and ensure it lands upside down.
The more people you have playing the game, the more intense the race is to get to the finish.


So now we have our list of the Top 6 Best Drinking Games for House Parties. Let’s move on to the fuel you will require to keep your party pumping!

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Top 6 Best Drinking Games for House Parties  

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