Are you searching for a helping hand when it comes to catering for a large party crowd? Here’s our Top 20 House Party Food and Drink Tips From SUNiCE to help you prepare for any party.

Preparing for any party can be a stressful scenario, so we have put together a brief list to help you along the way. These 20 tips and ideas are essential to consider when planning for your party and could help you avoid any issues you may face. 

Serve everything from thirst-quenching beverages to sophisticated canapé selections. It doesn’t matter who the crowd is. All our tips are relevant no matter who your guests are.

There’s nothing more inviting than turning up to a party to find that a lot of hard work has been put into creating an amazing experience for you to share with all your friends. 



Our list will explain to you the 20 most important things you must remember when planning any party.
  • As a general rule, about three-quarters of invited guests will attend. This will help you estimate the number of mouths you need to feed and drinks you need to provide.
  • When guests arrive, make sure they get a warm welcome in the first five minutes
  • This sets the tone for the entire evening and will have everyone feeling a little more comfortable.
  • Create playlists that will dictate the mood and the energy of the event.
  • Make or buy cheap signs. They will make your party less stressful and have people heading in the right direction at all times.
  • If you want to create a buffet of exciting, tasty treats for all your guests to tuck into. Be sure to provide a range of finger food and label any veggie or vegan options for your friends to identify.
  • People often forget how much ice is required for a house party. It’s better to have more than less ice at any party.
  • Prep all the garnishes, but not too far in advance, so they stay fresh.
  • Some sort of ice-breaker game or simple conversation-starting activity can keep everyone mingling. Not every party needs one, but it’s good to have something in mind just in case.


Be different… Be Creative!


  • Add a “WOW” factor. This could be a drink, garnish, food dish, or whatever fits your party theme. It will be sure to become a conversation starter for less familiar guests.
  • Place plenty of trash opportunities for guests to dispose of their trash. This will help to keep your party cleaner.
  • Think About the Flow and Set-up. The flow of your party is very important. You want your guests to be able to easily navigate through your party. Avoid people being crammed into small spaces together.
  • Decorations as simple as a few flowers for a table or some themed banners for the occasion, everything counts. Try to match colors and patterns throughout.
  • Offer a suggestion box for comments about guests’ experiences. If the comments are particularly funny, you can read them to the audience at some stage for a few laughs.
  • Stick to your budget. You don’t have to spend millions for a memorable evening.
  • Know your crowd, choose your entertainment wisely.
  • Furniture to sit and eat is also essential. Remember that if your guests are outdoors, they may need a heater in colder months to keep them happy and warm.
  • Create a party bag or gift for the guest to take home. This will help you get rid of leftovers and give a small memory to each guest to keep.
  • Ask for help with your event. Your friends and family will save you money by lending a hand and monitoring certain stations when and if they require replenishment.
  • Cleaning supplies. Make sure you have napkins, paper towels and plenty of toilet paper for your guests to keep themselves clean and tidy.
  •  Last but not least, every good host is responsible for those drinking at their party. Be aware of guests who have had too much to drink and arrange for designated drivers to get them home safely.


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