Entertainment plays an important role at any party, helping people to connect and make friends. We wanted to help you achieve this at your next event by putting together the best list of house party games for adults drinking by SUNiCE. We hope this list will inspire you and give you plenty of ideas for your next party, and help create a night to remember. These games are all perfect entertainment for parties filled with adults getting a little tipsy and making new friends. Each game has been chosen to bring people closer together and share lots of laughs, whilst sometimes getting a little competitive too. Whatever you decide to play at your party, we believe that every game on this list will make your evening significantly more memorable. Let your inner child loose and have some fun at your next party. You only live once.


Suck and Blow

Designed to get adults a little closer together, this game is both difficult and hysterical at the same time. For this game, you will need some playing cards.

  • Take one card from the pack
  • Have everyone stand in a circle and pass the playing card around
  • You can only use your lips by sucking and blowing to the next player.
  • Make sure each player has their arms behind their back
  • When the card drops and the players touch lips, they have to do a shot together.
  • Switch the order in which players stand each round to make things harder.
Honestly, you will feel like a teenager again. It becomes highly competitive and, at times, extremely flirtatious.

Adult Charades

Just like the classic, except this version is a little more adult-themed. Each phrase written can be a little naughtier than you would usually expect. Have a little adult fun with a few cheeky phrases that will have you and your friends in fits of laughter.

  • Have each person write a word (either a noun or verb) on a piece of paper.
  • Two teams are created with an even amount of players on each team.
  • One person from each team can take turns timing.
  • Designate one person to shout out guesses from each team.
  • The guessers may ask the actor questions. To which the actor may nod.
  • The actor has limited time (2-3 minutes) to act out the phrase to his own team.
  • To score a point, a team must guess the charade completely.
  • Every 30 seconds that goes by without a reply, the entire guessing team must take a shot.
  • The winners are who guessed the most correct answers, usually when every phrase has been acted out.
  • The losers must chug down an entire bowl of punch together.
This game is all about having fun and being a little naughty to get everyone in the mood. Once you start this game, we assure you, you won’t want it to end.


Fingers is a hilarious and addictive drinking game where players guess the number of participating players who will keep their finger on a cup at the end of a countdown.

  • Take a large empty cup and have each player pour a little of their drink inside.
  • Each person playing the game put a finger on the rim of the cup.
  • Each turn, all players will choose to take a finger off or leave a finger on the rim of the cup, while one person guesses how many fingers stay on the cup.
  • A correct guess eliminates the player from the game and ensures they will not have to drink the cup.
  • The last person has to drink everything inside.
Funny and quite intense, we had to add this to our list of The Best List of House Party Games for Adults Drinking By SUNiCE.

Junk in the Trunk Game

A firm favorite for a ton of fun, this one will have every person at the part cheering you on and laughing out loud. Test your twerking skills and shake your booty to win your team’s indemnity.


  • Tie a tissue box around the waist of each player, and turn it around, so the box is in the back.
  • Add several ping-pong balls to the tissue boxes.
  • Players must get all the ping-pong balls out of their boxes without using their hands.
  • They can shake, shimmy, jump, or wiggle. Just as long as they know, “no hands allowed!”
  • Set a timer and get the players started!
  • The losers must down an entire pitcher of punch prepared beforehand.


Flip Cup

It wouldn’t be a party without a game involving some sort of race involving cups. Flip Cup is a team-based drinking game where players stand in a line and race to chug a drink, then flip their empty cup.


  • Once the first player has successfully “flipped” their solo cup, the next player will play their turn by chugging and flipping, and so on…
  • To successfully flip your cup, you must balance it with a little edge of the cup over the lip of the table. Then flip the cup and ensure it lands upside down.
The more people you have playing the game, the more intense the race is to get to the finish.

Boozy Balloon Break

No matter what age you are, this game will have your entire party involved and have everyone laughing all night long. It’s perfect for a larger crowd, preferably 8 players and above.

  • You’ll need: A timer, and at least 10 balloons per pair
  • Pair up your players and set the clock.
  • Stand even amounts of people in a line one behind the other.
  • Starting at one end, the players must try to pop as many balloons as they can within the time limit.
  • When one balloon bursts, players can progress to the next person.
  • The twist is that balloons can only be popped by squeezing it between players’ chests (or crotch area, if you’re up to it).
The winners are the team that reaches the end of the line with all balloons successfully popped. The losers must drink their entire cup or collectively a pitcher of punch.


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