Want to drink a more fun, fruit-filled party cocktail at your next event? Let SUNiCE spike your juice for perfect summer party drinks. When attending your next bash, choose a far more impressive option than generic beer brands and boring seltzers. If you want great drinks but don’t want the hassle of too much preparation and maintenance, we have found you the perfect option.  SUNiCE has taken the party scene by storm by creating a new concept that makes drinking alcohol at parties easier and more fun.


SUNiCE Spike Your Juice

Each multi-pack contains a burst of fresh, fruit-filled flavors to tempt your entire team into trying. Each tropical, funky flavor such as Passion Tiki Eclipse, Triple Tropic Twist, Mango Lychee Punch, and a mouthwatering Watermelon Margarita Smash pack a serious punch.  SUNiCE punch pouches are freezable, thus keeping them cooler for longer. You can store and transport their trendy pouches of pre-frozen punch on ice or packed neatly into a cooler ready to drink.  They are 5% booze-filled beverages inspired by famous classic summer beach cocktails flavors.

SUNiCE Spike Your Juice

Right now, cocktails are back at the top of the popularity charts, and party hosts are going crazy trying to find trendier and easier ways to drink cocktails on the go.  Whenever you choose to party, the last thing on your mind should be the boring stuff. SUNiCE allows you to enjoy the event rather than worrying about taking on being a bartender too. These pouches are so simple, all you need to do is slip in a straw, and away you go.

Select SUNiCE for a Simpler Summer

Innovative, intelligent and filled with insanely tasty flavors, SUNiCE not only has the perfect pouch design. They also have created deliciously moreish flavors filled with real fruit freshness. The combination of the two ideas rolled into one creates the best cocktail to drink at any event. Let SUNiCE Spike your juice for you and leave you to enjoy yourself at your next event.
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