Looking for a tastier alcoholic cocktail, filled with fruit to tickle your taste buds? We have Refreshing Frozen Lime Juice and Passion Fruit Punches from SUNiCE that will knock your sunglasses off.

Most parties are overflowing with beer or a typical seltzer to keep everyone going. What if you want something a little different that tastes just as good as it sounds?


SUNiCE has concocted a range of funky, fantastic flavors of ready-made punch to take over the party scene. With names such as Passion Tiki Eclipse, Triple Tropic Twist, and a mouthwatering Watermelon Margarita Smash, they all contain fresh lime juice. The Mango Lychee Punch is their other lime-free option.

It’s incredibly important to SUNiCE that all flavors and ingredients are real and refreshing. For this reason, these bubble-free pouches explode with intensity in your mouth.

Try a bright, innovative, and exciting new way for adults to drink alcohol outdoors with ease. Its stylish and funky packaging opens up a great opportunity to keep things simple whilst also looking extremely cool

Slide in a straw and away you go

With the packaging containing everything you need, drinking becomes more regulated and easier to control. It also provides a smarter, safer solution to prevent unwanted substances in your drink and helps you gauge your actual intake, rather than a bottomless glass of mixed beverages.

This genius packaging concept also serves as the perfect festival companion. These days, most festivals and outdoor events prohibit glass from entering the premises or camping grounds. This is no longer an obstacle when showing up with SUNiCE.

If you arrive with a cooler filled with SUNiCE, there’s no issue when entering any event permitting alcohol, solving so many unsettling and uneasy situations.

This design also allows you the option to either pre-freeze the pouch. Keeping them cooler for longer, or to add ice at the time you choose to drink it. By pre-freezing your punch, it doubles up as an ice pack to create more space in your cooler, meaning more space for drinks.

They are sealed, secure, plastic pouches which will slip through any security smoothly with flying colours.

Refreshing Frozen Lime Juice and Passion Fruit Punches

SUNiCE really is a revolutionary, and truly satisfying solution, simplifying the way we drink. It maximizes your summer party’s potential, leaving you with more time to enjoy yourself and have fun with your friends.
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