If you Need Good Drinks to Take to a House Party?… Let SUNiCE solve this issue for you. There’s a fresh new beverage on the block that is designed particularly for party people in mind and will be sure to satisfy the taste buds of everyone at your event.


SUNiCE has exploded onto the party scene, by creating a range of refreshing ready-made cocktails that are packed into a trendy portable pouch. The smart element in its packaging also makes it easier for you to keep the drink and yourself cool.

They fill pouches with a bubble-free booze-filled cocktail, available in several funky flavors. With names such as Passion Tiki Eclipse, Triple Tropic Twist, Mango Lychee Punch, and a mouthwatering Watermelon Margarita Smash, there’s definitely something from everyone.

These real-fruit filled 5% cocktails are available in multipacks of either six or twelve, making them ideal for any on-the-go event or party where you need to keep the drinks flowing. 

Added bonuses are that this punch is a low-calorie, Gluten-free option for all types of party people and opens up a door of opportunity for many Gluten-free drinkers.

Why is SUNiCE the Best Option?


A delicious, moreish alcoholic punch makes the ideal focal point at any party. But what makes SUNiCE different is the ability to take it just about anywhere and keep it cool. 

Imagine you’re heading to a party with friends or to a picnic at the beach. You need a refreshing alcoholic punch to keep you cool whilst having a good time. Each pouch allows you to pre-freeze its contents. Thus, creating more space in your cool box or storage unit. You can fill your entire cooler with SUNiCE which would double up as an ice pack. This makes them ideal for party people on-the-go.

When you’re ready to drink, just slip in a straw and enjoy a tasty frozen cocktail. Or you can add ice at the time you intend to drink it. 

Need Good Drinks to Take to a House Party?

The pouch itself is also an incredibly smart option for people who party because its design is far more appropriate than using hazardous materials such as glass bottles or aluminum cans. Each pouch is easily recyclable and has a hassle-free design to keep down trash levels at events. 

SUNiCE’s ingenious pouch design also permits you to pass into festivals or through event security with ease. Most festivals and outdoor events ban hazardous materials like glass from entering their premises, so SUNiCE tackled this challenge head on by stepping out of the crowd and creating a new concept to keep everyone happy.

These superbly compact party-friendly pouches are essentially the answer to any restrictions you may face when drinking on the go. 

So, if you’re looking for something different to liven up an event. Or if you Need Good Drinks to Take to a House Party?… Let SUNiCE solve this.

Stock up generously on SUNiCE for the best vibes for all your friends at any party!

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