Looking for a cooler, more convenient and stylish way to drink alcohol? We have found the Most Trendy Alcohol Ideas of 2022, that will be sure to fuel you and your friends at any event.

Cocktails are trending straight through into 2022, so we looked at what exactly that means for any party host looking to cater for an alcoholic affair. We have some interesting information, recipes, and tips we found along the way to share with you below.

Pitchers are Back

Yes, you heard it. Pitchers are back and they are better than ever. Right now, cocktails are back at the top of the popularity charts, and party hosts are creating batches of booze-filled punch to entertain their crowds. Everyone loves the idea of a tropical burst of flavors and freshness when engaging in a fiesta, not to mention pouring it from a pitcher straight into a cup with the hard work already done for you. By pre-making batches of cocktails, you simply save money, time, and a lot of work, leaving you able to enjoy your party.

Punch is Perfect

If you’re not focusing on being fancy, but you want to get the booze flowing, punch is the smartest move. It’s also not a particular cocktail recipe, so you can play around a little with the ratios and ingredients. Just choose your favorite juice, add sugar syrup and alcohol, it’s that easy. The common rule of pouring is two parts alcohol to three parts punch.

It’s also important to decide the right bowl for your guests to congregate comfortably around and serve themselves. Maybe add some snacks to keep them even more satisfied. When serving punch in a large bowl or pitcher, use larger blocks or rings of ice. This is especially essential if your punch will sit out for an extended period of time. The block will melt slowly, keeping the punch chilled without diluting it too quickly.

Whatever you present to your guests, remember that a punch bowl is a great ice-breaker for less familiar guests to engage with each other, doubling up as a fantastic tool for networking and communication.

Classic Cocktails Making a Comeback

Here are a few cocktails that are making a huge comeback at the moment and are incredibly easy to make, especially in a pitcher of a punch bowl scenario.



Invented by interned American fliers, this drink is made from two simple key ingredients, vodka, and orange. There are, however, many variations around the globe. There is no mystery to it or secret ingredients to worry about. All you need to do is pour a shot of vodka and fill your glass with OJ. To serve one, the rule is below.

  • (1 part) vodka
  • (2 parts) orange juice
  • (Multiply to suit the number in the crowd)

Top Tip: Always use freshly squeezed orange juice for a much bolder citrus taste

Classic Mojito

A strong, yet refreshing rum-filled recipe, this timeless classic will always be one of the trendiest drinks available for alcohol lovers worldwide. To recreate a batch, you will need:

  • 6 limes, plus 1 lime sliced, to serve
  • 4 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 5 Fresh mint sprigs
  • Crushed and cubed Ice
  • 350ml white rum
  • 600ml sparkling water
  1. Prepare the mixture, preferably an hour before the party.
  2. Start by boiling the water and sugar.
  3. Stir constantly until sugar fully dissolves.
  4. Take off heat.
  5. Add washed and clean mint.
  6. Leave mint in for 15 minutes.
  7. Strain mint and refrigerate the liquid.
  8. Take a large pitcher and fill it 3/4 with ice
  9. Add your desired amount of rum and the lime mixture
  10. Serve in glasses garnished with mint sprig and lime wedge.
Top tip: clap the mint in the palms of your hands to release the oils before putting it in the Mojito.

The Negroni

Born in the 1860s at Caffe Camparino in Milan, Italy, the Negroni consists of a blend of sweet vermouth, bitters, and gin. To make a liter of this terrific beverage, you will need:

  • 250ml Gin
  • 250ml sweet vermouth
  • 250ml Campari
  • 250ml water
  • Serve on rocks of ice and garnish with an orange slice.
Top Tip: Lastly, pour full mixture into a bottle and chill overnight for maximum flavor.

Taking Trendy Alcohol to the Next Level

Indeed, all these options will no doubt impress and entertain your drinking buddies, but what about an even more simple solution? One with absolutely no hard work involved?

If you want great cocktails but don’t want the hassle of preparation and maintenance, we have found an amazing alternative to cater for your entire crew.


SUNiCE is an alcoholic, ready-made real fruit cocktail packaged in a trendy, portable pouch, which makes them a fantastic choice for parties, picnics and outdoor events, especially in the sun. Just slip in a straw or pour them into your punch bowl.

Supplied in four tropical, funky flavors such as Passion Tiki Eclipse, Triple Tropic Twist, Mango Lychee Punch, and a mouthwatering Watermelon Margarita Smash.

SUNiCE punch pouches are freezable, which keeps them cooler for longer. You can also easily display their trendy pouches of pre-frozen punch on ice or packed neatly into a refrigerator ready to drink.

It really doesn’t matter what type of event you cater for. In the end, the most convenient and cooler option for seriously good on-the-go alcoholic drinks is SUNiCE.

Most Trendy Alcohol Ideas of 2022

Whether it’s a classic cocktail, you choose, or our trendy or tasty alternative from SUNiCE. We believe these tips to use the Most Trendy Alcohol Ideas of 2022 have something for everyone to enjoy.
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