Looking for a new exotic berry juice that caters for your whole crew? Filled with fun, SUNiCE’s new alcoholic punch in pouches features exotic berry juice flavors that everyone will appreciate. You can enjoy vacation-style cocktail flavors anytime, anywhere… We all want to supply ourselves and our friends with our favorite cocktails while partying. However, the logistics and effort to carry around the tools is a hard practice. SUNiCE has taken care of this by creating a portable pouch that addresses all the issues party people may face. The overall convenience of SUNiCE makes them a sensational summer style cocktail perfect for any party. Their trendy, alcohol-filled punch allows you to attend any event in style. Stock up on tasty, real-fruit filled, ready-to-drink pouches you can take just about anywhere with you.


Each SUNiCE pouch is filled with fresh, real fruit flavors and alcohol. When mixed with ice, it becomes a thirst-quenching summer cocktail.

They come in a range of funky flavors such as Passion Tiki Eclipse, Triple Tropic Twist, Mango Lychee Punch, and a mouthwatering Watermelon Margarita Smash.

The beauty of these pouches is that they are ready-made 5% cocktails. They are available in multipacks of either six or twelve, making them ideal for any on-the-go event.

SUNiCE also has a relatively low-calorie count of 110 in each serving. Compared to, say, a standard Margherita, which would be 168 calories. Even a standard 16oz beer has over 150-200 calories per glass, making it a healthier option too.

As a bonus, SUNiCE is also all gluten-free. This opens up a door of opportunity for many gluten-free drinkers searching for a solution.

Enjoy exotic, tasty, tiki-style on-the-go cocktails in any setting.

SUNiCE is not only a refreshing, ready-made punch perfect for parties. It also has a smart element in its packaging, making it easier for you to keep the drink and yourself cool.

Usually, we fill our cooler with all our favorite alcohol and mixers, surrounded by ice packs to distribute throughout the day. What if there was a way it could all be so much more manageable?

The ability to pre-freeze each pouch makes searching for and maintaining ice a thing of the past. No need for bulky ice-packs or mounds of melting ice. By pre-freezing your punch it doubles up as an ice pack. This creates more space in your cooler, meaning more space for drinks.

Just fill your cooler with SUNiCE straight from the freezer and away you go

Packaging is light, compact and easily recycled. This makes it easier to store, freeze and dispose of afterwards. This helps the industry move away from hazardous packaging materials and move towards a more sustainable future for the environment.

An added element of SUNiCE’s innovative packaging allows you to pass into festivals or event security with ease. Most festivals and outdoor events ban glass from entering either the premises. SUNiCE tackled this challenge head-on by stepping out of the crowd and creating a new concept of portable punches.

Take a pouch, pack it with ice, slide in a straw and away you go.

It’s essentially the answer to many issues and restrictions when drinking outside in the sun. SUNiCE pouches are the perfect summer companion to keep cool whilst drinking. Whether it’s at the beach, camping trips, festivals, a party, or even just a picnic.

Try this exciting range of SUNiCE’s new alcoholic punch in pouches, features exotic berry juice flavors. They make each one with real, tasty fruit. This sensational summer party companion will quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds. Set you and your friends apart from the crowd, drink SUNiCE.

With a SUNiCE in hand, every sunny day feels like a vacation.
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