Look no further as we take you through our ultimate list of fun drinking games for a house party that we have found to entertain your friends and get a little tipsy too! Help break the ice at any event and have your guests playing exciting and addictive drinking games all night long. Each game we have chosen, we guarantee, will have you and your friends falling over with laughter and create an evening to remember. All the games we have listed allow you to use an alcoholic punch as your key ingredient. Punch is always a brilliant choice for a large crowd and easy for everyone at your event to enjoy.

Junk in the Trunk Game

A firm favorite for a ton of fun, this one will have every person at the part cheering you on and laughing out loud. Test your twerking skills and shake your booty to win your team’s indemnity. Rules
  • Tie a tissue box around the waist of each player, and turn it around, so the box is in the back.
  • Add several ping-pong balls to the tissue boxes.
  • Players must get all the ping-pong balls out of their boxes without using their hands.
  • They can shake, shimmy, jump, or wiggle. Just as long as they know, “no hands allowed!”
  • Set a timer and get the players started!
  • The losers must down an entire pitcher of punch prepared beforehand.

Boozy Balloon Break

No matter what age you are, this game will have your entire party involved and have everyone laughing all night long. It’s perfect for a larger crowd, preferably 8 players and above. Rules
  • You’ll need: A timer, and at least 10 balloons per pair.
  • Pair up your players and set the clock.
  • Stand even amounts of people in a line one behind the other.
  • Starting at one end, the players must try to pop as many balloons as they can within the time limit.
  • When one balloon bursts, players can progress to the next person.
  • The twist is that balloons can only be popped by squeezing it between players’ chests (or crotch area, if you’re up to it).
The winners are the team that reaches the end of the line with all balloons successfully popped. The losers must drink their entire cup or collectively a pitcher of punch.


The first game is a real party starter and fills the air with classic rock music and good vibes. To prepare, all you need is the perfect punch and a few party people, and you can guarantee your guests will sing along in no time! Rules
  • Everyone sits in a circle and listens to the song “Thunderstruck” by ACDC.
  • When they first sing “thunder,” the first person drinks.
  • When they stop saying “thunder,” the first person puts down their drink and the next person drinks.
  • Anyone who can’t keep up is out, the last person standing is the winner.
This game is simple but extremely addictive with many songs available to use instead. Kiss – Rock n Roll All night is great to use. Use the word “rock”.

Slip It In

Just before your friends and guests arrive, think up a phrase for each one that they will need to try to slip casually into the conversation throughout the night. Obviously, with no one else noticing. For example: “I love trees,” or “I just started learning to drive” Try to use your phrase for five minutes with no one noticing. If you’re successful, everyone has to drink. Should you get called out for using your phrase, get ready to drink a glass filled with punch.

Do You Dare Dice

(For this game, you need a dice)
  • The roller picks a number and dares someone to do something (take a shot, get that person’s number, etc.) if they roll that number.
  • Here’s where it gets interesting. If the roller rolls a 6, then the roller has to complete that dare instead!
  • If you refuse, you chug… simple right, wait till you try it!
You should only dare someone to do something you yourself would do!

Straight Face

For this game, you will need paper, pens, and a hat or bucket of some sort.
  • Everyone writes a sentence or phrase on a piece of paper.
  • This sentence should have either a funny or shock factor to it to provoke a reaction.
  • Each person folds up their paper and places it in a hat or bucket.
  • Starting with the youngest, each player takes a turn picking one out and reads aloud.
  • If anyone laughs, they have to drink their entire cup.
  • The winner is the person who can stay straight-faced for the longest.
Remember, laughter is infectious, so this one is hilarious to get a little tipsy too.

Alcoholic Apple Bobbing

Although a typical Halloween classic, this Fun Drinking Game can be played all year-round. All you require is a large bowl filled with your chosen fruity alcoholic punch.
  • Place 12 apples with numbers carved onto the side.
  • The numbers correlate to the number of shots, or fingers, that the apple bobber must drink once they’ve eaten their alcohol-soaked apple.
  • For a little extra fun and to up the difficulty level, you can blindfold the player or introduce a red herring or forfeit to fear whilst playing.
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The next game just had to be on our list of Best Fruit-Filled Fun Drinking Games for a House Party. It’s extremely simple and is great with a larger group.
  • To begin, everyone starts with their heads down.
  • On the count of three, everyone snaps their head up to look at someone.
  • If you’re looking at someone who is looking back at you, you drink.
Although you may not have tried this game before, be sure to add it to the list for a quick, prop-free, easy-to-understand addition to any party.

Fuzzy Duck

Want to play a game where laughter is key, in particular.? This classic will never disappoint. It’s also fantastic because you need a few players and the perfect punch to take part. Rules
  • Sit in a circle and start with the youngest player first.
  • You have three seconds to respond if it’s your turn.
  • The phrase you must repeat is “Fuzzy Duck”.
  • The second phrase is “Ducky Fuzz”.
  • The special phrase is “Does he”.
  • The word “Does he” can be said at any time and reverses the order of rotation.
  • This is continuous and goes around the circle until a mistake is made.
  • You cannot say “Does he” after another “does he” or you must drink.
  • You can’t say "Does he" every time it is your turn.
  • Your group will notice and you will have to drink.
You will trip over your words to compete against your guests whilst finding it difficult not to laugh. It’s certainly a brilliant choice as an icebreaker for people who are not as familiar with each other.

Simple Signals

This one is a more fast-paced memory game mixed with your choice of poison. You’ll need at least 4 people to make it challenging, along with a lot of punch. Rules
  • The rules are before starting, everyone must choose a funny hand gesture to represent themselves with throughout the game.
  • After everyone’s picked their signal, the youngest starts the game by performing their hand gesture, followed by other players.
  • The player whose gesture was performed must then perform the first 2 gestures, followed by a new player’s gesture.
  • This continues until someone forgets a motion or messes up.
  • If they mess up, they must then down their entire drink.
This one seems easier than it is, but we guarantee you will be addicted to outsmarting other players. Show off with your memory skills… unless the punch kicks in.

Choose Your Poison

We know that to power all the best Fun Drinking Games for a House Party, you’re going to need a tasty alcoholic punch. One filled and a kick to supply your guests with. Our team scoured stores worldwide for the perfect solution with this in mind, and we found SUNiCE.

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Each one is a bubble-free, booze-filled beverage that packs a serious punch. With tempting flavors, such as Passion Tiki Eclipse, Triple Tropic Twist, Mango Lychee Punch and a mouthwatering Watermelon Margarita Smash.

Spend less time prepping and more time partying! SUNiCE’s 5% fresh freezable punches are the perfect choice for fueling all the best fruit-filled fun drinking games for a house party or an upcoming event.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of top Fun Drinking Games for a House Party.

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